Where database is the database name you want to access. Select the Import option, and click Next. Not all SequeLink service attributes are defined in the templates. The following procedure uses the MMC. This tool should be made available to the SequeLink administrator only.

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Datadireft GAin the chapter “Tuning Performance. If a server data source is not specified, the default server data source for that SequeLink service is used. Sequelonk DSN connection string tells the driver where to find the default connection information. In most cases, the SequeLink service templates provide a configuration that can be used without any modification.

Click the Test Connect button to test the connection. Short names are shown enclosed within parentheses. If you need to change the ownership of the installation files, you can do so with the following command:.

If this validation fails, the SequeLink Server will attempt to authenticate the user ID and password with the database account defined for the domain of the machine on which the SequeLink Server is running. In the Service Name field, type the service name you want to use for the new SequeLink service.

When set to 1 the initial defaultthe appropriate row is not locked. When the ivcheckjdbcdriver script has verified these settings and successfully made a connection, you can use these settings for the configuration of your SequeLink Server for JDBC Socket. This field is optional. Once the connection information is retrieved, the SequeLink Client will connect directly to the specified SequeLink Server.


The last stage of the connection process involves logging on the data store. For more information about the ivcheckjdbcdriver utility, refer to the SequeLink Troubleshooting Guide and Reference.

SequeLink API Bridges

A DSN connection string tells the driver where to find the default connection information. Type an identifier that uniquely identifies the LDAP entry where the connection information is stored. When you install SequeLink Server, at least one SequeLink data access service, and one or more service templates determined by the SequeLink Server, are installed. Create a system data source for your ODBC driver.


SequeLink Bridges for ODBC, JDBC, & OLEDB – DataDirect Connectivity

To configure the file data source to retrieve connection information from an LDAP directory, continue with the next step. The fields change on the lower half of the screen to accommodate the information required to query an LDAP server for connection information.

Sequleink balancing is transparent to users and to applications.

This attribute contains the name of the ODBC system data source. Click the File DSN tab. If you want to put the odbc. The output destination of these messages is controlled by the syslog daemon. The Select Translator dialog box appears, listing translators specified in sequelinnk ODBC Translators section of the system information file.


Need help with ODBC connection from Windows | FileMaker Community

This step is sequelimk. This mechanism allows the WLM administrator to specify response time goals without regard to network dattadirect or client application sequelinm time. Select the data source you want to change, or create a new server data source by right-clicking Data Source Settings. A list of installed drivers appears. Choose one of the following options for the default behavior of the UID map you are adding by typing:. Select a data source file from the Filename list box, or click Browse to find a data source file not listed.

WLM can dynamically assess resource utilization on all hosts within a sysplex. Specifies a workaround connection attribute for connections to Oracle data stores only. This chapter describes how to create a SequeLink service and how to configure SequeLink services for specific databases:.

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