Click YES to continue. Click yes to continue again. Double click on the WIN folder located in here. WDM drivers won’t work, either. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.

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I then run the 3. Upon rebooting, the new hardware wizards again pop up, and hauppsuge through them with the defaults gives a “no matching driver found” error.

Fri Apr 05, 3: They’re WDM, but they work fine in vdub. Double click on this folder.

Hauppauge Computer Works

I’m sounding like a freaking cheerleader, but I’d recommend them sourceforge drivers. You are now ready to run the Wintv application under Windows !

You will then see a Microsoft “Digital Signature Not found” message. EXE to install the wintv drivers. If neither section is here, or there is an exclamation point next to one or both of the WinTV drivers, click the RIGHT mouse button on each and choose “uninstall”.

FAQ: WinTV under Windows 2000

Video does not scale past X or go to full screen mode The WinTV does not support scaling past Xeven when set to “Allow Overlay” mode under Windows Click YES to continue.


I’m pretty sure that there’s a hardware problem with the card and I should just RMA it, but hopefully theres a simpler solution. This will allow all users to have full access and permissions when using the WinTV software. The WIN folder will contain the appropriate drivers. I’d say RMA it. hauppauge wintv 878 9 vfw video

Thanks, but I already tried them and they don’t work either. Click yes to continue again. The driver vldeo will be copied, and once complete, click Finish, And then reboot the system.

MEDIA – Hauppauge – Hauppauge WinTV 878/9 WDM Video Driver Computer Driver Updates

Hauppauge wintv 878 9 vfw video it possible that I have a bad board on my hands, or am I doing something horribly wrong? If Terminal Services witnv running, you must disable Terminal Services, huppauge then you will be able to load the WinTV drivers, reboot the system, and then re-enable Terminal Services.

The drivers will be listed here under Sound, video, and game controllers. For full screen, you must enable “allow resolution change” in the WinTV software.

Problems installing WinTV-Go – Ars Technica OpenForum

I’m running Win2k with ACPI enabled everything is on IRQ11and my video card is a GF3 Ti Vieo the instructions provided with the card, and on Hauppauge’s website, I cancel the two ahuppauge hardware found” wizards that pop when booting after installing the hardware.


Double click on the Hauppauge wintv 878 9 vfw video folder located in here. Windows will detect the presence of the new hardware at this point. Reload the wintv drivers from the CD and reboot the system. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.

You should have a Wintv video driver as well as a Wintv Audio driver section.

If the same problem occurs, there is most likely a resource conflict. Apr 26, Posts: Pointing the wizard to the.

The drivers have now been loaded. Failed to Create TV window, another application may be using the driver. Feb 15, Posts: WDM drivers won’t work, either.