Richard Martin 3 years ago. Bag 1 F7 9. So I re-weighted my Driver to D8, the 3-wood, hybrids and irons up to the wedges to D4 and the wedges to D5. I would like to find a fitter that will make me a 44 inch or so driver using the proper club fitting process. Our bodies have a remarkable ability to get used to the feeling of different weight.

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Replace the 1 gram standard weight with a 14 grams weight. JBones 7 years ago. In yolf, the longer the length of the club, the higher the moment of inertia of the fully assembled club will be. For some gokf, a butt weight can improve swing tempo in the transition between back and downswing but typically that is when the butt weight is in the area of 20g to 30g, not as little as 8g.

I have also discover, not every shaft performs the same at longer length. We did a similar test but did it over a 3 year period. It did take a while to become confident with the Ping because the club head is visually bigger and the shaft kick point is slightly different. Billy Hudson 3 years ago. Lessons and practice, not an extra two inches on our shafts!

But shorter is better. I am wondering if you could help me figure out something.

Last Drivers  DRIVERS FOR L1753T-BF

Technical Tips

While much of golf etiquette serves a practical purpose, there are some dicta that are unnecessary obfuscations. This is one of the areas that measuring the Moment of Inertia of the whole assembled golf club can do a little better job of duplicating HEFT in two clubs of different length or of different shaft weight.

Fitting 1 — D3. If the pros could hit a That, and I’m an idiot Craigar 7 years ago. Put the lead tape on the sole or around the ehadweight sides of the head. gofl

43.5 inch 910 D3 DRIVER

The longer club also lets me stand more upright which is more comfortable with my decreasing flexibility sometimes stiff back. Chris beer Infh 17, Thanks again, mygolfspy labs…Fantastic info!!

The best to ya on your return to the odyssey called golf…. RP Jacobs II 7 years ago.

inch D3 DRIVER – Golf Tips – Team Titleist

Absolutely fantastic article thank you It makes headwekght lot if sense As a 60 year old with a SS of 90 mph I am visiting my golf pro shop tomorrow.

Guess what my next driver length will be? Nat Ehrlich April 16, Ok I dont know what that means. From that, the industry has embraced swingweight matching of clubs as a way to build clubs so that they would have close to the same swing feel.


Getting the right swingweight that matches to your sense of feel to keep your swing timing and rhythm good will usually be a matter of experimenting with lead tape on the heads until you get to that point that during the swing, the head weight feel is not too light for your sense of preference and ggolf too heavy either.

Crw 2 years ago.

Building a ” driver, ?’s

While this is generally not a problem, per se, it does lend itself to the occasional lazy swing when I deliver the head late and in a desperate attempt to catch up, roll the head closed and snap hook the ball. Lead tape is your friend, and the driver head usually has plenty of real estate to hide the tape.

I am at 5 ft 4 inches tall. With your swing speed headwejght those lofts would be much to high for you. What are the club fitting specifications that have the most effect on maximizing distance for golfers?

Tom Wishon December 7,

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