It is a very good tablet for my needs. It works perfectly for the Adobe Creative Cloud as well as Paint Tool Sai, with the suite of features that you’d expect on tablets that are 5 times the price! Only clickable buttons that have a glossy finish and have encrusted logos. Even after such a tragedy, the pen works flawlessly. It has a arched surface with a nice feel,solidly constructed. Couldn’t move it, At all. Tell us what you think about this item:

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But I think also part of people would think twice and carefully make a decision. I love the way it feels and the size, since I used to use a smaller one.

When you spend long hours retouching, you want a surface that feels great. I have recommended this tablet to several of my friends and they have all bought Huion products 4 of them bought this table, one of them bought a different model, not sure which and they all love them.

I can’t quite figure out how to use the pressure sensitivity on Photoshop CC brushes, but I can see that huoon clearly works in the settings.

The Huion H Pro felt great but a slight bit too slick and slippery for my taste. As everyone here has mentioned, the drivers are a bit finicky, however once set up the actual software is simple and elegant.


Excellent product, no need to think twice. Enter your destination to get a shipping estimate. Beautiful and Professional Tablet!

Huion Hpro Graphic Drawing Tablet

Does anyone know whether this tablet works well with Rebelle painting software? I’d like to add that the message that the Huion is replacement for Y610 is a bit I have 2 tablets. To top things off, my work around fell apart with the instalation of Windows Pen Holder 8 Nibs inside and Integrated with Clip 6. I have this Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet and this is something worth for its price. This product overall is good! Pen Holder 4 Nibs inside and Integrated with Clip 6.

Cables are always a huge weak guion for basically any piece of tech, so the ability to replace the H’s cable cheaply is incredibly reassuring. Please uninstall the driver you are using now, unplug the tablet, close all the drawing program and anti-virus software before installing the new driver. This tablet met ALL of my expectations.


I’ll be able por draw and sculpt through Blender, Krita, Gimp I uninstalled my wacom drivers before installing the huion drivers. Then, there are the buttons on the side. I love this tablet! From your description, we think the problem is caused by mis-installation. Although there are rather prominent flaws, namely continual contact detection the pad will occasionally rapidly stop then continue detecting contact with the pen, leaving the user with a broken line or the likehhuion pad has a great feel, is very responsive, has rather intuitive shortcuts, hotkeys, etc, and has excellent pressure detection.


Some devices have been built for more specific functions, allowing consumers to buy a tablet that suits their buion needs. Merci, c’est que du bonheur pour ce que j’attendais. Kindly note that all our tablets support left-hand mode and you just need to make some settings in it.

These charges are buyer’s responsibility.

Received my tablet and it guion fine now. Dennis Qualls – February 25, Quentin – I appreciate this review and have been debating the upgrade to an expensive Wacom but went with the Huion after reading this piece. Only clickable buttons that have a glossy finish and have encrusted logos.

Looks better than H and with higher specification.

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