If someone with a spare disk can test the whole recovery process with this method on a blank harddrive, I’d be very happy to ear about it. Message 4 of 7. Oh and I am using XP. AGP support is now splitted into several archirecture modules. The installation and configuration process remains unmodified. Another useful resource is an article in the August Issue of the Linux Journal , that gives some examples on how to program the chip.

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For example, my network card driver followed this rule, the driver is available in the form of a. ACPI support improved in kernel 2.

IBM ThinkPad T42 would not connect to my secured home wireless network

The suspend and resume procedure can be tricky, but here is some clue on how to get a fairly reproductible and successful behaviour when trying to put the laptop in suspend mode:. That’s why this model is not advertized as a “Centrino” laptop, because it doesn’t have the whole required components to use this label. The Device Manager still showing yellow and can’t update the driver. However, the enabling local APIC is needed by the uhci?


The restore process continues without any other difficulties: I set the commit interval value to secondes, as an arbitrary value. I clearly noticed that overall disk access timings were greatly improved.

This problem has been reported by several person, which excludes an isolated hardware problem. The installation and configuration process remains unmodified.

It consists of reserved space at the end of the disk, unpartitionned. About the selecta dock, I Think I’ll buy one when I’ll be moving to a bigger place in the next months. The new version of cpufreqdversion 1. So if you have a supplementary external wheel mouse, you’ll have to configuration it from X only if you want to use its wheel with X. Now after running all the windows updates and all the “ThinkVantage System Updates”.

You also can modifify this value on a mounted filesystem: You can download the driver here.

Legacy Thinkpads and DOS retrogaming – Thinkpads Forum

When I insmod the processor. It appears that the SCSI emulation code behaves ynknown a somewhat strange manner when coming back from suspend mode. I’m sure there are many old DOS games lovers in these forums.

Less errors were found than when both chips were in use. The fourth one 1.


I have doubts about this Ultrabase, cause the floppy drive isn’t working either. So I have no more unknown drivers.

Can not find Network controller driver IBM T41 23732FG

Note that this patch also works on a 2. The specifications of this 7K60 disk are available online. However when downloaded directly from the manufacturer newer version they worked perfectly! I managed to install a USB web cam, but I think it only worked because there were drivers for it.

I took some photos herebefore the problem vanished as silently as it appeared. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Depending on your card it will be Cisco or Intel. I also applied the patch send-to-self Thanks to Benjamin Reed for his work on this project. Thinkpaf my 80GB drive, the HPA starts at cylinderand a cylinder contains bytes, as reported by fdisk, so I backuped the data with this command:.

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