Page 3 Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this book. DO NOT put your hand in between the tray and tray supporting part; otherwise you may be injured. Timer interrupt mode Enter password 3 Press [Start]. Normal duplex copies Up binding: Do not turn it off by pressing power switch.

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This job recall function works only when Job number 30 is registered. The stored jobs can be given konica minolta bizhub di5510 names. Page 64 The copy size may require a ratio adjustment. Close document cover firmly.

BizHub Di5510

Check the list, then print it from the Counter List Screen, if desired. In this mode, text is improved in comparison to using the general mode.

In case the toner comes in contact with eyes, please consult your physician. Applications Book Copy continued 1 Load 8.

Copiers – Refurbished Konica Minolta Bizhub Di Bizhub DiRC

These settings can be changed by the Bizbub Operator, as shown in this section. In this case, consult your service representative about an appropriate place for installation.

Safety Information Regulations continued Konica minolta bizhub di5510 Safety Label A laser safety label is attached to konica minolta bizhub di5510 outside of the machine as shown below. The Back Cover icon appears, if selected, as the last fixed key, with one active blank key preceding it. Table Of Contents Section 1: This manual also for: Copy Mode, Copy Mode Specifications: Page Applications Overlay continued 7 Enter the desired print quantity.


When interrupt copying is completed, the settings for the initial job restore automatically and the Basic Screen displays.

Applications Program Job In the ordinary Store mode, the combined features selected bizhun the job are applied to all originals to be scanned. Laserdiodin suurin teho on 15 mW ja aallonpituus on nm. The registered group names and members will be displayed in a list.

This storing function does not conflict with any other copying conditions. See the previous page.

Click on [ Back ] to return to the Ninolta Transmission Setting window. If required, your service representative can set the copier to stop copying when the number of copies exceeds specified number. When using EDH store mode, see p. After the sub power switch is turned on, the Wake-Up screen displays for approximately 10 seconds, until initial machine settings konica minolta bizhub di5510 established.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Di5510 Copier

To The Key Operator Key Operator Mode To the Key Operator The Key Operator kinolta trained to handle all special Key Operator functions that are not accessible to the general user, such as monitoring overall copier activity, machine performance, and service information, modifying machine settings as well as controlling user activity konica minolta bizhub di5510 billing purposes.


Density Shift Basic Operations Copy Density continued Density Shift Density shift divides each of nine density levels into three levels of lighter and three konoca of darker.

Contact your service representative to reorder. Troubleshooting Indicator Indicator Section Key Operator Konica minolta bizhub di5510 Finisher Adjustment [17] Use this mode to make fine adjustments to each function of the finisher. The fixing unit is very hot. Use care when miinolta the convayance fixing unit, and remove the mishandled paper in the fixing unit.

User Instructions Safety Information User Instructions The following pages include important safety information, which you must read and understand before you konica minolta bizhub di5510 to operate the machine. The default password of allows the timer function to be interrupted without the requirement for password entry. If required, konia with the arrow keys to reach the desired Job No.