I created my own personal, LightScribe label a few days ago and it turned out awesome. I first burned a few discs to give HyperTuning a chance to optimize the writing strategy. This section covers everything from setting the jumpers to hooking up the cables and mounting the drive in your computer. On top of that, it was able to rip audio CD’s at an impressive 48x. D01 comments, 0 good , 0 mixed , 1 poor. D42 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor. You can even use it to turn your photos into custom slide shows.

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In this review we’ll just go over some of the basics and see how the SHMH6S performs with the bundled software.

While welcome additions, there were a few performance aspects that kept the SHMH6S from getting top marks in our review. I created my own personal, LightScribe label a few days ago and it turned out awesome. The drive had no problems reading all types of media at its rated speeds and had some very good seek times. Surprisingly enough, this didn’t seem to have any effect on readability. For this test I used Pure Funk. Anyone recommend media to use?

From there, it’s as easy as entering the serial number, choosing the location where you want to install the program and then waiting for the files to be copied over. Just select “Optical Drive” and the model. Testing a drive’s DVD writing quality isn’t easy. While disabling this feature will allow the SHMH6S to write to CD-R media at whatever speed you want, it also disables the media condition checks and write monitoring that the drive does.


More recently, Lite-On has expanded into the consumer electronics market and liteoj even announced a strategic alliance with one of its biggest competitors, BenQ. In the end, it usually comes down to price.

I’m preparing to update as soon as I finish typing this comment. To see how well Lite-On’s new drive can read scratched and dirty discs, I used CD Speed’s ScanDisc utility to see how many sectors were damaged or unreadable.

According to HP, it’s as simple as burning the data, flipping the disc, and then burning the label. How to apply color correction using the Gradie This software can do a number liteeon things including edit and touch up your photos and organize them into various albums.

The LITE-ON SHMH6S : LITE-ON SHMH6S Internal DVD Writer Review –

NeroVision Express liteonn lets users add things like transitions, custom backgrounds, animated menus and text effects. This new version also adds features like DivX playback, audio time stretch and support for CyberLink’s new Eagle Vision technology. If you have autorun enabled on your computer, the menu pictured below will automatically come up when you insert the disc.


To find out, we’ll take a closer look at this technology in the performance section of this review. In most cases, we saw little to no improvement in writing quality when it was enabled. Thanks to its 8x writing speed, the drive took less than 18 minutes to burn 8GB of data. Comments posted by Flint from United States, February 08, I also have to give Lite-On credit for including a section on LightScribe. It started out at about 6.

We do this so all tests can be compared reliably.

Lite-On SHM-165H6S DVD Writer

Rated this writer 10 of Take a look below. I also put these discs through a “stress test” by reading them back at 16x with the DW For DVD writers the performance tests are broken down into four sections: In our tests, it took Lite-On’s new drive In both cases the drive uses Z-CLV to reach its maximum writing speed. By looking at the screenshot you can see that it starts reading at about 3x and accelerates, reaching 5x at the 1.

Comments posted by p-king from United States, March 25,

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