R Originates call using answer reverse frequencies. Assuming you have downloaded the file to the root directory of your hard disk drive. Dn Dials the specified phone number. Light flashes when there is an incoming call. I also discovered that the plug from the 20V one would not fit the modems I tested because, although the barrel was the same size, the pin was thicker. None of their manuals state the voltage, and many people on the net are asking and most answers are based on usually incorrect assumptions.

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I1 Results of ROM checksum. I’m assuming these modems actually work – that’s not a given though. Some of the information contained within this documentation, including the support contact information, is subject to change.

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Speakerphone connect message override voice products only. Download and extract this file to a temporary location on your computer’s hard disk drive.

Out of Warranty Additional Support. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Retrieved from ” https: In good used working condition. H0 Hangs up goes onhook. If your modem cannot connect to the remote modem at or above the speed set with this command, it will hang up.


Dn Dials the specified phone number. Does anybody know the voltages?

robitics Defaults are listed in italics. With the reduced usage of analog or voiceband modems in North America in the early 21st century, USR began branching out into new markets. Lot of 3x V.

Seems be to mostly unused. May be increased as needed, for example to allow modem time to establish an international connection.

Technical Reference

Flashes moeem modem retransmits data to remote modem. Sets duration, in seconds, for pauseoption in the Dial command. During the s it became a major consumer brand with its Sportster line.

More refinements More refinements The company purchased Palm, Inc. Originally Posted by Chuck G.

US Robotics Sportster Voice Faxmodem – Computing History

The Sportster used the same motherboard as the Couriers, and on certain If Xn is set to X2 or X4, this is time-out length if no dial tone. These are electronic versions of the original documentation.


Nothing like the iconic sound of a fax-modem trying to connect, get yours today. External Faxmodem 56K V. Learn all about Cellular. In contrast to the success of HST, neither X2 nor K56flex saw any us robotics sportster 28800 fax modem market uptake, as it was clear they would soon be followed by V.

Sets required duration, in tenths of a second, of remote modem’s modek signal before recognition by your USRobotics modem.

This allows time for a remote modem to acknowledge receipt of all transmitted data before it is disconnected. The company name is a reference to the fictional company U. Retrieved 16 Nov

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